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Theta Healing with Erika

Erika Johansson is a certified practitioner and instructor of ThetaHealing®, a certified Life Coach, founder and creator of The Inner Peace Journey and a practitioner of EDUCO Mind Technologies. She has spent 25 years on a journey encompassing both left and right brain approaches to spiritual growth, personal development and deep transformation. She is passionate about clearing everything that stands in our way of living a life of true joy.

What it does…
Dissolves negative beliefs effortlessly
Releases old emotional bonds with total ease
Sets you free from whatever holds you back
Removes all blocks to your highest potential

…and live with freedom and joy!

How it works…
Theta Healing works by utilizing the power of our natural brainwaves to access the subconscious where we create a deep, positive change instantly. It works on all levels of your being including; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual by clearing the blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your fullest potential in life.

All of your beliefs and feelings are creating your current life and the circumstances within it in every moment of your day. Were the empowering ones are creating fulfillment, your limiting ones are creating blocks and obstacles. Limiting beliefs and feelings in your subconscious mind are responsible for a lack of fulfillment and achievement in any area of your life including; career, relationships, finance, life purpose, home environment and physical health.

Once these limiting beliefs and feelings are accessed, we are able to use the Theta Healing technique to immediately change and install empowering, positive and enhancing ones in their place. The person receiving Theta Healing experiences a deep positive change instantly and usually a great feeling of happiness, lightness and ease. A positive change in your world is often noticed even after just a couple of days after a session.

Theta Healing with Erika

ThetaHealing® Private Session with Luca Mona

What is ThetaHealing®?
ThetaHealing® is a meditative technique conducted while the client and practitioner are in a theta brainwave state – an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode. This powerful method helps us identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks and negative beliefs in the unconscious mind.

How Does a ThetaHealing® session work?
Through a simple meditation we will go into theta brainwave, a deeply relaxed and peaceful state. A series of intuitive questions will then guide you to a better understanding and clarity about your subconscious programs.

We will find a bottom belief that is holding you back from reaching your full potential. Once we gathered the information needed, we will easily and safely release and change limiting beliefs, negative patterns, old pain, heavy emotions, and genetic memories.

Who is Luca?
For as long as she can remember Luca has always been fascinated by the way people’s minds operate. The more she gets to look beyond the conscious mind the more amazed she is by how powerful we really are when we are aware of our programming.

Her main drive in the past decade has been to get to know herself better on every level. Luca is a certified Reiki practitioner, trained in Craniosacral theraphy and a Hatha Yoga teacher. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to look into numerous other healing modalities but no other technique has left a greater impression on her than ThetaHealing.

Since becoming a certified ThetaHealing practitioner in 2015, She has worked with hundreds of people and helped them change and transform towards a more empowered version of themselves. “My sessions give me joy and they are oftentimes the highlight of my day.”

IDR 2000.000 + 12% tax
To make a booking at Taksu contact her direct on WhatsApp +49 177 236 3910 or email SessionsThetaHealing@gmail.com

• Kindly ask our Reception Team or
• Email: SessionsThetaHealing@gmail.com
• Whatsapp: +49 177 2363910



ThetaHealing® Private Session with Luca Mona

Pranic Healing with Tri

Originally from East Bali, Ketut Tri Suda Pala is one of the island’s most sough-after natural healers. Tri has a strong passion for environmental activism, permaculture, and traditional medicine. He has taught permaculture and herbal medicine at the Green School, and also teaches traditional medicine at the Nursing School of Gianyar. He Graduated from the Ayurweda Health Study Program in Univesitas Hindu Indonesia and now devotes his time to healing using herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, and his specialty, pranic healing.


“Being a healer in itself is to be able to share this blessing. I feel this is something that Tri does with integrity and a total sense that he can help you. Yes this comes from a place that has made a change for me. Healing is a very personal time Tri can make this experience safe and with a very exceptional results.”Lydia Rowe, Australia

“Healing with Pak Tri is an incredible experience. The pranic healing which cleanses your energy channels and opens your chakras is perfect for allowing the body to be rid of impurities and healed from the inside. A new wave of life and energy has nourished my body and allowed me to feel better physically, emotionally and energetically.” – Alexander Griffith, Australia

“Tri was really helpful and attentive to my problems. I didn’t know what to expect during this amazing experience. The benefits were there and they followed me for a long time. I felt better in my body, in my mind and even in my heart. Ketut Tri is a wise man. He has so much to share with you, I learned a lot. When I’ll come back to Bali, I will definitely see him again! Thank you very much!” -Delfine Rouffignac, France


Email: tribalihealing@gmail.com  
Ph+(62) 87861880298

Pranic Healing with Tri

Health & Nutrition with Dr. Yulli Agnes

A wellness and health advocate, Dr. Yulli finished medical school in 2000, and worked in an international medical assistance company in Bali for ten years, covering emergency, travel medicine & medical evacuation. She earned her Masters degree in Anti-Aging & Prevention Medicine in 2009, and has since specialized in wellness & diseases prevention.

Dr. Yulli is now available for consultations and treatments at Taksu. “A truly satisfying life is a life lived in balance” is her philosophy and she offers assistance in sleep management, nutrition and diet, hormonal balancing (female and male), detoxification and stress management. After consultation, Dr. Yulli may supply nutraceuticals, natural sleep aids, or adaptogenic supplements. Hormonal supplements may also be provided. Alternatively, she may outline a holistic solution to pre-empting your body’s stress triggers and outline an ongoing treatment plan.

Dr. Yulli welcomes your enquiries about colon detox, intestinal cleansing, heavy metal detox, kidney detox, gallbladder flush, liver detox, or blood cleansing.
For more information or to make an appointment, please visit Dr. Yulli’s website (link below), where you can find her email address and phone number.
Appointments will be held in the comfort and serenity of Taksu’s dedicated healing rooms.
Email: dr.yulli.agnes@gmail.com
Ph: +6281223332359

Health & Nutrition with Dr. Yulli Agnes

Ground Alpha Alignment with Indra

Indra is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s a Yoga teacher, Movement Intelligence Facilitator and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. Indra recently decided to make his Ground Alpha Alignment skills available to the public. He was trained in Alpha Alignment, which treats receivers on a massage table, but soon discovered that his Yogic flexibility allows him to enter awkward positions while treating receivers on the ground. The stability and wide space of the ground gives him the added advantage of releasing more tensions from the receivers and ground them further. Hence, Ground Alpha Alignment was conceived.

What his sessions are about:

1. Ground Alpha Alignment
It’s a series of physical movements that are designed to take the body out of inappropriate states of stress, discomfort, or disease within seconds. It clears physical, mental, emotional, energetic blockages and beyond, through a series of touch-based alignments performed on the receiver.

The technique clears physical, mental, emotional, energetic blockages and beyond, through a series of touch-based alignments performed on the receiver. Because the channels are cleared, energy can now flow smoothly again throughout the various dimensions of the receiver’s system.

During and after a session, the receiver shall experience a state of relaxation, calmness, clarity and awareness, primed for optimal healing capacity.

On a physical level: tensions reduce, posture improves, movement becomes more fluid, body feels lighter, breathing smoothens, senses deepen and an overall sense of better well-being arises.

On other levels: the receiver gains a better understanding of what it means to be one’s self and what has to be done to stay consistent with one’s inner coordinates.

The recipient is now empowered to improve their life.

2. Thai Yoga Massage
Known as Nuad Boran in Thai. Body parts are moved around, energy lines and pressure points are worked on, alleviating the receiver’s muscular tension and improving the body’s circulation. The receiver, whilst laying in relaxation, shall achieve Yogic flexibility without doing anything, hence its other name – the lazy man’s Yoga.

3. Combining Ground Alpha Alignment with Thai Yoga Massage
This combination enhances the effects of both treatments. Further release of tension; more effortless movement; added flexibility; posture is better aligned; clearer energy channels; deeper calmness and relaxation; raised awareness and overall well-being.

1. Ground Alpha Alignment
– 1 hour
– price: 1.900K + tax
– when guests come for the 2nd time and more, they get 10% off those sessions

2. Thai Yoga Massage
– 1 hour
– price: 500K + tax
– when guests come for the 2nd time and more, they get 10% off those sessions

3. Combination of Ground Alpha Alignment & Thai Yoga Massage
– 90 minutes
– price: 2.400K + tax
– when guests come for the 2nd time and more, they get 10% off those sessions


Email:  indramawan@gmail.com
Facebook: @ IndrasYogaPage
Ph+ (65) 9147-2232

Ground Alpha Alignment with Indra

Access Consciousness & Bars with Lela

Reiki Master Teacher, Eternal Breath Facilitator, Access Consciousness Facilitator, MMS

Lela came to Bali in 2003, to share her 40 years of experience of energetic healing.  As Business Development Advisor for Taksu, her focus is on finding and iniating cutting edge tools for staff and guest.  Her experience includes 40 years of teaching yoga, pranayama, meditation, Feldenkrais and Rebirthing. She has various hands-on certifications, practice and teaching experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Energy Healer, Access Consciousness Bars, Body Processes, and Energetic Face Lift Facilator, Eternal Breath Facilitator, Sound Healing, CranialSacral, Trager, Healing Touch, Brain Mind Balancing, QXCI biofeedback and more. Her ability to hold an energy vortex for Transformation is worth experiencing.

 All modalities are Sacred Healing ArtZ by the nature of their content, and contribute to conscious awareness,  Lela’s focus is on Hosting and Facilitating Access ConsciousnessTM at Taksu for the global community.  She has taught these classes in the US with plans to travel to Brazil and Africa and New Zealand.
“All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and GloryTM” the statement alone generates more possibilities for expanded  consciousness and awareness in your Life.
Email: lela@shifting-molecules.com
Facebook: @LelaThomasCACF
Facebook: @ShiftingMolecules
WhatsApp+ (62) 821-4636-5355
Access Consciousness & Bars with Lela
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