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What is Access Consciousness ®

 Lela Thomas, Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator

Access Consciousness was developed by Gary Douglas 25+ years ago.  Gary and Dr. Dain Heer, developed tools of Consciousness for changing your Life more dynamically than you ever thought possible without experiencing all the drama, trauma, pain a suffering to which you are accustomed to, and NO it is not boring!

As a team of facilitators spanning 131 countries in 2014 we are here to help you remember that “You Know that You Know.” Really, if you have been roaming through the Universe for trillion of years do you think you do not know some stuff?  What do you know that you have not even thought of yet?

The tools of Access are here to help you choose the creative reality you BE and move out of this reality of thoughts, feelings and emotions. How much ease and joy can we create while choosing more of who we Be?


The Bars® Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, judgments, and considerations you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to shift and move the old molecule patterns and choose to create your reality.  The Bars® are an excellent tool for all ages, any profession, or spiritual belief.  Children benefit immensely from The Bars® and more.  You can receive The Bars® in a one day (8 hours) class or in a Private Session.  With a Bars® Class you are immediately able to add this skill to your business or share it with friends and family.  An 8 hour class will change your life forever.  A shift in consciousness that keeps on giving.

Access Consciousness® Core Classes, 5 Days for Dynamic Change
A phenominal adventure in consciousness
Includes The Bars & Foundation and Level I

Foundation & Level I  are designed to unlock all the points of view that are blocking ease and joy and glory you have for living.  You know that old saying, walking down the same path and falling in the same hole and expecting life to change….well these tools are not that! Along with the verbal processing tools you will receive some Access Consciousness Body Processes that will give you a body & mind that more fun to live in!  Additionally all the core classes are free to children under to 15 years old, accompanied by adult. Children 16-18 years old 1/2 price.
Level 2&3  can be attended after completing Bars®Foundation and Level I.  The miestros of molecules change will rock your world!
Find a class just about anywhere on the planet.

Access Consciousness Body Processes,
What Energy, Space and Consciousness Can We Be To Experience Total Ease, Oneness And Communion With Our Bodies?
What if our body is more conscious than we are?
What if our body was a compass or a guide to the secrets, mysteries and the magic of life?

Bodies are our sensate, sensorial organisms.  Our body is designed to give us an awareness of embodiment.  The judgment we use on our bodies, limits our awareness and connection to all of Life!

Access Consciousness® provides over 50+, body energy programs that leave our bodies feeling spacious and aware. Each Body Process are unique, expansive in nature and use the energy in a specific way. Changing molecules is what works the process + the .wacky and wild clearing statement calms the monkey mind, and effortlessly eliminates attachments to old paradigms.

Access Consciousness® is clear in the awareness that if you are not asking questions then you are operating out of the past or what you ‘think’ about the future. In that level of consciousness, without Awareness, you have no choices. Through conscious awareness you contribute all that is uniquely you.

What if the key to ease and joy in your life lies in the ability to receive touch, ask questions, and use a cosmic eraser to clear four trillion years of misqualified energy? Interested?  Find Classes & Private Sesssion right here at Taksu.   Reserve space!
Or visit the world site
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What is Access Consciousness ®

Shifting Molecules

LelaAn Adventure in Consciousness with Lela

A New Awareness about Chaos & Order
At the recent 5 Day Facilitator class and Advanced Body class, in Costa Rica, Gary and Dain brought in the awareness of how it is actually Chaos that creates and Order that destroys possibilities.
Chaos and Consciousness create!

What do you think about chaos? I have so misidentified and misapplied Chaos! I always thought chaos was me messing up! Chaos was too many loose ends and procrastination! And, chaos was drama and trauma. What if Chaos is none of that? What if Chaos is a space of total Creativity? I also misapplied and misidentified Order! I though that was when everything is finished! I realized to have order I have to keep judging everything I do! Do you do that too? How much energy do you waste starting over, and how many times do you stop because you have judged everything you are doing or being? Even when you feel accomplished all the juice goes out of life, have you ever noticed how bored you are when all your ducks are in a row. What if order is a dead zone where nothing is created?

I love this statement for Gary Douglas, “We cannot change the stupids, and we can be the chaos that will mess with their order.” I look at what is happening on the planet and it appears there is a lot of stupidity taking place with the choices we are making with the Earth, the animals, our bodies, our governments….so the possibility of instilling chaos in the all the systems appeals to me. Since everything is energy, Instilling chaos is not done from a place of blame or trying to ‘fix it’, whatever ‘It’ is. Could Chaos and Consciousness be the two sides of the same coin? Toss it in the air and receive the ease of Shifting Molecules for change!

Are you Curious yet about the Chaos and Order? Check out the classes listed for October, November and December. Come play with Chaos and Order! What else is possible?

So I am back! REALLY! New Zealand, Bali, Costa Rica, Indiana and DC it seems like years have passed, and lifetimes floated by. Life is so amazing and Bodies are even more amazing!

All the order I was trying to institute into to my life to make space for creativity, was stopping me from creating even a newsletter! What else is possible?

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Shifting Molecules

Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift Private Sessions

Oooooo, so relaxing for your whole body!
Energetic Facelift® is safe for everyone, of all ages, and works in harmony with any procedure.  The Energetic Facelift® Body Process is more than removing wrinkles.  It lifts and tones the internal body as well.  They say 20 sessions will make the changes permanent.  What could be better than that?

Lela Thomas, Access Consciousness® Core Classes & Body Process Facilitator
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Please check our Events Calendar for the
Next Access Consciousness® Energetic Face Lift Class
Perfect class for a Spa Group or a Family or what else?

Reserve your private sessions:

  • 90 minutes – US$170 includes 12% Indonesian Tax

What clients say……

“The facelift has just been amazing for me on so many levels.   I stumbled into by chance at a time my life where I really needed it. Despite having 2 decades of healing work to pull upon, nothing was shifting for me.  Face Lift is so much more than just making my face softer and firmer, noticeable, many of my friends have recently commented on how great I am looking!  The work has stabilized deep within me leaving me with a feeling of more spaciousness in my life.”   Thank you!
Kamela, India

“Nothing but praise for this work. Lela has wonderful hands that truly revive the energy so sorely lacking in my body. ”
Connie, S. Africa

“The first time, I didn’t really believe in relaxation methods or energy transformation like this. But when I heard from the person that already tried this Access Facelift, and her testimonials to me was great, I said to myself, that maybe I should give it a try. So then I did it. What happened to me and what I felt after that was more than I imagining. I felt so relax, fresh, so different from what I thought. I thought that I might just fall asleep or feel a little bit ok. But the feeling that I had after the session was freshness and relaxation that continuously I feel until the next day!

I woke up fresh, sleep full of relaxation feeling after the session, and most important thing, feel the inner beauty comes out from me. Thank you Lela”
Dewi, Bali

“I teach Tai Chi and I could feel the energy run in a similar way and it was a very deep, pleasant experience.”
Deb, UK

“My husband is a bars practitioner.  I am a Reiki Master.  My jaw has been sore and locked up.  This has really helped me.  It also has touched me to tears, I like that you called them “liquid love”.  This is special work when I return in January I will take your Bars training.”
Jenny, UK

“Recovering from knee surgery so I really needed this deep down time.  My face looks the same but I feel different inside.”
Jen, Bali

“Over the years I have had tons of energy work but this is the strongest ever.”
Jill, Bali

“OMG, my eyes are even! I have a scar and the lid always hangs lower. LOOK! they are equal!”
Wendy, Australia

“When I cry cause I feel so lifted up and close to Gods.  Is this magic?”
Ketut, Bali

“I did not expect much because you know I do not believe in this stuff and do not like to lie still!  It was awesome and I feel relaxed! Thank you”
Lisa, Bali

“Awesome!  I do not need a face lift I just heard good stuff about the energy!”
Michael, USA

“It was good, I have had electrical stimulation facelifts and my face feels the same as when that happened.”
Mirra, Bali

“I look more ‘Awake’, I feel more awake and less stressed.”
Katrina, Australia


Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift Private Sessions

The Bars® Certification Class

Would you like to enjoy and 8 hour day that could change everything about your life, freeing you from the boxes of judgment, conclusion, decisions and projections of this reality you have aligned and agreed with or reacted and resisted to since forever in time?

Gary Douglas discovered these tools over 25+ years ago. The Bars® bring dynamic change. Lightly touching the 32 points on the head is like defragging your computer! Holding your fingers on these bars releases the electromagnetic component generated in our energy field when experiencing judgments or when we feel bad or sad.

All the great new science is now saying that we literally hardwire our brains by having the same thought or experiences repeatedly, that even means how many times you watch something horrific on the news. These are neuro-synaptic pathways. Imagine how hardwired you are with the constant bombardment of drama and trauma from what we view and hear.

Throwing out the old files leaves space for that 99% of space you truly be, for awareness you have not previously noticed and the space to create something you never imagined possible. You go away with a sense of more space, relaxed, more peace, less frustration and anger, body aches and pains can disappear. Actually everything in your life can change with ease! What else is possible?

Ask Your Body, “Body, would this class contribute to you?” Honor your Body!

Lela Thomas, Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator
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Please check our Events Calendar for the dates of upcoming Classes
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The Bars® Certification Class
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