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Touching Essence® Learn the Gift of Touch – 1-Day Class

We are thrilled to invite you to our 1-Day Introduction to Touching Essence® 1-Day class.

Are you looking into a career change? This 1-Day class could be for you. It will introduce you to our upcoming 200-hour modular Touching Essence® certification training – later this year – taught by Ellen Watson herself, assisted by her Balinese Team.

Touching Essence was developed by Ellen Watson from Moving Ventures International Healing Arts over the last 30 years at The Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California.

Touching Essence is a wellness approach involving all of the 5 senses. It’s a multi-cultural, multi-sensory, shamanic healing art form; a fusion of massage & bodywork, energy work, sensory awareness, breathwork, sound healing, mantra, soul songs, and the use of 30 essential oils.

Here’s a word from Ellen about Touching Essence: 

This class will be taught by Ngurah and Phonik Angel, who have been a certified Esalen® Massage for over 15 years ago and have with 1,000’s of hours of practice, and teaching.

Phonik has since practised across Bali, the Seychelles and China. Phonik is a teacher and is renowned for his skilled, present touch. Phonik takes a hand-on approach to teaching and is highly effective at sharing the art of touch with beginners and experience therapists alike.

Ngurah & Phonik, assisted by highly trained members of Taksu Spa staff and faculty, offer this one-day introductory program.

Class begins with a Moving Meditation Practice designed to support each person in learning how and where to apply pressure. Students enjoy experiencing a taste of Partner Yoga, Qi Gung, Sounding and Conscious Dance.

Focus on the Back: After a short demonstration of Flowing, Pausing and Pressure, students are assisted in learning these foundational principles of Touching Essence. You will then trade with one or more people as our teachers offer ‘at the table support’.

Neck Massage: Phonik will demonstrate simple and profound tools for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders. You will learn the most effective ways open the occipital ridge, increase blood and energetic flow along the spinal pathways. This protocol supports engaging The Relaxation Response.

Sample Schedule:
– 8:30-9:30 Focus & Fluidity Movement: Partner Yoga and Qi Gung
– 9:30-1:30 Flowing, Pausing, & Pressure for muscles of the back and neck
– 1:30-3:00 Delicious and Nutritious Lunch at Taksu
– 3:00-4:30 Receive a Touching Essence or Esalen Massage
– 5:00-6:00 Closure with Phonik and or Ngurah

During later 2018 & 2019, in collaboration with Taksu Spa and Wellness, Ellen, joined by Phonik Angel, and guests assistants, will offer a 200-hour modular Touching Essence® certification training.
Price: 1.250.000 IDR per person.

Prices are subject to 12% Government Tax and Service.

Maximum 6 participants.

Venue : Taksu Bali.

Info & Course Bookings:
* Kindly ask our Taksu Spa Reception Team or
* confirm via this Facebook Event
* E –
* WhatsApp +62 822-3613-0676
* Landline +62-361-479-2525

Touching Essence® Learn the Gift of Touch – 1-Day Class

Reflexology Classes

NEW We proudly present our brand new and upcoming Reflexology Classes held at Taksu, Presented by Rahasia Nyaman, Institute of Healing Arts.

The Bali-Based Institute features World Renowned Reflexology Teachers, who can teach in French & English.

Upcoming Course Dates – August 2018:
13-14: Aromatherapy applied to Foot Reflexology
16-17: Gemstones Foot Reflexology
20-24: Asian Foot Reflexology
27-28: Aromatherapy applied to Foot Reflexology
30-31: Gemstones Foot Reflexology

Aromatherapy applied to Foot Reflexology – 2 days
This Master Class has been designed for those who have studied, or acquired experience in Foot Reflexology. Become proficient in the therapeutic and energetic use of essential oils which you can incorporate directly into your work, giving your touch a greater impact.

For whom? Previous reflexology experience required.
Price: 3 900 000 IDR
Max. 6 students – 2 days – 10 hours

Asian Foot Reflexology – 5 days
Asian Foot Reflexology emphasis is on thoroughly massaging both the feet and the lower legs as well as general stimulation of the reflex points, using a wooden stick. After four days you will be able to perform a 1 hour Reflexology massage knowing the techniques you use promote good health and encourages the free flow of energy throughout the body.

For whom? Open to everyone – No prerequisite
Price: 6 800 000 IDR net
Max. 6 students – 5 days – 25 hours

Gemstones Foot Reflexology – 2 days:
Join a 2 day introduction to Gemstones Reflexology. This will give you practical insight on a new approach of foot reflexology paired with the energy of crystal wands.

For whom? Previous reflexology experience required
Price: 3 900 000 IDR
Max. 6 students – 2 days – 10 hours

Meet your teacher, Nathalie Richalet
Nathalie started her healer, bodyworker and foot reflexologist journey twenty years ago. Since 7 years, her passion is to share her knowledge, experience and passion. Nathalie’s goal is that anyone who followed one of her Masterclasses, feels empowered and have the courage to act positively
on their own journey as foot reflexologists and bodyworkers.


What’s included in each course:
At the beginning of each course you will be given a handbook covering the specificities and the routine of the studied massage or technique.

On completion of your training you will be awarded a certificate mentioning the total hours of your training and the results of your theoretical (QCM) and practical evaluations.

Small Groups: All of our courses are held in small classes (max. 6 persons) giving every student individualised attention and a much greater opportunity to ask questions and participate.

Schedule: 9am till 3pm. Includes 1 hour lunch break. Lunch not included . We offer 10% discount on our Garden Café Menu (raw, vegan, vegetarian options. Extensive international à la carte menu.

NB: Course prices exclude 12% Government Tax.

Info & Course Bookings:
Kindly ask our Taksu Spa Reception Team or Email:
Mobile: +62 812 37058133

Reflexology Classes

Adrenal Dysfunction with Dr. Yulli

How can Dr Yulli help you? Dr. Yulli offers assistance in adrenal dysfunction, gut health, nutrition and diet, hormones balancing , detoxification, sleep issues, nutraceuticals treatment and more. She is available for consultation. She will outline a holistic solution & treatment plan for your health concerns.

Who is Dr Yulli? A wellness and health advocate, Dr. Yulli finished medical school in 2000, and worked in an international medical assistance company in Bali for ten years, covering emergency, travel medicine & medical evacuation. She earned her Master degree in Anti-Aging & Prevention Medicine in 2009, and has since specialized in wellness & diseases prevention.

More info: 
– Website:
– Facebook: @Dr.Yulli.Agnes
– Instagram: @wellnesshealthadvocate

Book a session with Dr. Yulli:
– WhatsApp Our Spa Reception Team: +62 822-3613-0676 or
– Email:

Adrenal Dysfunction with Dr. Yulli

Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift Private Sessions

Oooooo, so relaxing for your whole body!
Energetic Facelift® is safe for everyone, of all ages, and works in harmony with any procedure.  The Energetic Facelift® Body Process is more than removing wrinkles.  It lifts and tones the internal body as well.  They say 20 sessions will make the changes permanent.  What could be better than that?

Lela Thomas, Access Consciousness® Core Classes & Body Process Facilitator
Questions? Contact  or

Please check our Events Calendar for the
Next Access Consciousness® Energetic Face Lift Class
Perfect class for a Spa Group or a Family or what else?

Reserve your private sessions:

  • 90 minutes – US$170 includes 10% Indonesian Tax

What clients say……

“The facelift has just been amazing for me on so many levels.   I stumbled into by chance at a time my life where I really needed it. Despite having 2 decades of healing work to pull upon, nothing was shifting for me.  Face Lift is so much more than just making my face softer and firmer, noticeable, many of my friends have recently commented on how great I am looking!  The work has stabilized deep within me leaving me with a feeling of more spaciousness in my life.”   Thank you!
Kamela, India

“Nothing but praise for this work. Lela has wonderful hands that truly revive the energy so sorely lacking in my body. ”
Connie, S. Africa

“The first time, I didn’t really believe in relaxation methods or energy transformation like this. But when I heard from the person that already tried this Access Facelift, and her testimonials to me was great, I said to myself, that maybe I should give it a try. So then I did it. What happened to me and what I felt after that was more than I imagining. I felt so relax, fresh, so different from what I thought. I thought that I might just fall asleep or feel a little bit ok. But the feeling that I had after the session was freshness and relaxation that continuously I feel until the next day!

I woke up fresh, sleep full of relaxation feeling after the session, and most important thing, feel the inner beauty comes out from me. Thank you Lela”
Dewi, Bali

“I teach Tai Chi and I could feel the energy run in a similar way and it was a very deep, pleasant experience.”
Deb, UK

“My husband is a bars practitioner.  I am a Reiki Master.  My jaw has been sore and locked up.  This has really helped me.  It also has touched me to tears, I like that you called them “liquid love”.  This is special work when I return in January I will take your Bars training.”
Jenny, UK

“Recovering from knee surgery so I really needed this deep down time.  My face looks the same but I feel different inside.”
Jen, Bali

“Over the years I have had tons of energy work but this is the strongest ever.”
Jill, Bali

“OMG, my eyes are even! I have a scar and the lid always hangs lower. LOOK! they are equal!”
Wendy, Australia

“When I cry cause I feel so lifted up and close to Gods.  Is this magic?”
Ketut, Bali

“I did not expect much because you know I do not believe in this stuff and do not like to lie still!  It was awesome and I feel relaxed! Thank you”
Lisa, Bali

“Awesome!  I do not need a face lift I just heard good stuff about the energy!”
Michael, USA

“It was good, I have had electrical stimulation facelifts and my face feels the same as when that happened.”
Mirra, Bali

“I look more ‘Awake’, I feel more awake and less stressed.”
Katrina, Australia


Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift Private Sessions

The Bars® Certification Class

Would you like to enjoy and 8 hour day that could change everything about your life, freeing you from the boxes of judgment, conclusion, decisions and projections of this reality you have aligned and agreed with or reacted and resisted to since forever in time?

Gary Douglas discovered these tools over 25+ years ago. The Bars® bring dynamic change. Lightly touching the 32 points on the head is like defragging your computer! Holding your fingers on these bars releases the electromagnetic component generated in our energy field when experiencing judgments or when we feel bad or sad.

All the great new science is now saying that we literally hardwire our brains by having the same thought or experiences repeatedly, that even means how many times you watch something horrific on the news. These are neuro-synaptic pathways. Imagine how hardwired you are with the constant bombardment of drama and trauma from what we view and hear.

Throwing out the old files leaves space for that 99% of space you truly be, for awareness you have not previously noticed and the space to create something you never imagined possible. You go away with a sense of more space, relaxed, more peace, less frustration and anger, body aches and pains can disappear. Actually everything in your life can change with ease! What else is possible?

Ask Your Body,
“Body, would you like to participate in this class?”
Honor your Body!

Lela Thomas, Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator
Questions? Contact or

For Lela’s Newsletter see:

Please check our Events Calendar for the dates of upcoming Classes
Pay the class fee to Taksu, and, add the 10% Indonesian Tax

Access Consciousness Bars® Class
US$300.00 + 10% Indonesian Tax (2nd/3rd class US$150 +10% tax IF repeating within the first 12 months)

  • For Indonesians, KITAS, Business Visa, Social Budya, Retirement Visa ~ Rp 2,600,000 +10% Tax for your First Class
  • 2nd/3rd Class, Rp 1,300,000 + 10% Tax Facilitator Certification
  • People who would like to use a day Class as a “Swap Day” Rp500,000 Includes 10%tax (also receives updated manual)

Download International Core Class Price

The Bars® Certification Class

Access Consciousness® The New Foundation

Lela Thomas, International Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

What if BEing You, is that place where you wake up happy and joyful, that space where you are living in WooooHooooo?! An energy and space that no matter what is happening, you are in total allowance and question and joy?

These 4 days continue to expand you through the walls of lifetimes of limitations.

Access Consciousness Foundation provides tools that you will use the rest of your life! Receive 4 Bars sessions and 4 new Access Body Processes that bring a lot of ease to your Body. You will experience greater clarity and new approaches to deal with limitations concerning relationships, money, body, sex, and communication. What else is possible?!

After Foundation you’re fully qualified to practice the new skills and receive money.

How does it get better than that?

Please check our Events Calendar for the dates of upcoming Classes
* Access Consciousness® Foundation, (Pre-requisite: The Bars®)
US$1,400 +10% Indonesian Tax($700+10% if Repeating within 12 months)
* Download: AC World Price for Core Classes For the Rate in other countries
Indonesia Rate applies to Indonesian citizens and KITAS, Retirement, Social Budaya and Business Visa Holders, +10% Indonesian Tax
* For Indonesians Citizens, KITAS, Business Visa, Social Budya, Retirement Visa Rp 12,000,000 +10% Tax for your First Class
Rp 6,000,000 + 10% Tax (if you took Foundation & Level I (now called Foundation) in the past year)
* Pay the class fees to Taksu, plus 10% Indonesian Tax
* Register:

You can share and charge for the Body Processes you receive in this Class, How does it better than that?
Receive a manual, cool charts, Certificate and snacks, and 10% discount in the Restaurant

Questions? Contact or
Curious? Book an Access Consciousness Bars® or Body Process Private Sessions.
Reserve your time at (0361) 479 2525 or

Access Consciousness® The New Foundation
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