Pranic Healing with Tri

Originally from East Bali, Ketut Tri Suda Pala is one of the island’s most sough-after natural healers. Tri has a strong passion for environmental activism, permaculture, and traditional medicine. He has taught permaculture and herbal medicine at the Green School, and also teaches traditional medicine at the Nursing School of Gianyar. He Graduated from the Ayurweda Health Study Program in Univesitas Hindu Indonesia and now devotes his time to healing using herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, and his specialty, pranic healing.


“Being a healer in itself is to be able to share this blessing. I feel this is something that Tri does with integrity and a total sense that he can help you. Yes this comes from a place that has made a change for me. Healing is a very personal time Tri can make this experience safe and with a very exceptional results.”Lydia Rowe, Australia

“Healing with Pak Tri is an incredible experience. The pranic healing which cleanses your energy channels and opens your chakras is perfect for allowing the body to be rid of impurities and healed from the inside. A new wave of life and energy has nourished my body and allowed me to feel better physically, emotionally and energetically.” – Alexander Griffith, Australia

“Tri was really helpful and attentive to my problems. I didn’t know what to expect during this amazing experience. The benefits were there and they followed me for a long time. I felt better in my body, in my mind and even in my heart. Ketut Tri is a wise man. He has so much to share with you, I learned a lot. When I’ll come back to Bali, I will definitely see him again! Thank you very much!” -Delfine Rouffignac, France


Ph+(62) 87861880298

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