MONEY, monNey, Moneeey!

“Money is the source for creating change for you and the world, it’s not a wrongness to have it, it’s not a rightness to have it. It’s a CHOICE to have money.” – Gary Douglas

Would getting over your money stuff create the expansion in your life, business and in the world that you have been asking to receive?

What constitutes a poverty consciousness? Separations, judgments, projections, expectations, disappointments and rejections are all aspects of poverty consciousness. The lack of the ability to Receive and all the little things that ‘stick’ us anywhere are what slows or stops our receiving, and stops our money flows. Would you like to rid yourself of the lack Consciousness?

What will it take to Change that?
How do you get Awareness?
Make A Choice!
Would you like to make some different choices around Money?

“This is one of my favorite classes! Different every time!” When clearing all the different points of view around money how much change can we create, for us and in the world, using Access Consciousness tools? What Else Is Possible? You Receive & Give 1 Bar Session and 15% discount in the Restaurant.

Lela Thomas, Certified Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
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