Access Consciousness & Bars with Lela

Reiki Master Teacher, Eternal Breath Facilitator, Access Consciousness Facilitator, MMS

Lela came to Bali in 2003, to share her 40 years of experience of energetic healing.  As Business Development Advisor for Taksu, her focus is on finding and iniating cutting edge tools for staff and guest.  Her experience includes 40 years of teaching yoga, pranayama, meditation, Feldenkrais and Rebirthing. She has various hands-on certifications, practice and teaching experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Energy Healer, Access Consciousness Bars, Body Processes, and Energetic Face Lift Facilator, Eternal Breath Facilitator, Sound Healing, CranialSacral, Trager, Healing Touch, Brain Mind Balancing, QXCI biofeedback and more. Her ability to hold an energy vortex for Transformation is worth experiencing.

 All modalities are Sacred Healing ArtZ by the nature of their content, and contribute to conscious awareness,  Lela’s focus is on Hosting and Facilitating Access ConsciousnessTM at Taksu for the global community.  She has taught these classes in the US with plans to travel to Brazil and Africa and New Zealand.
“All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and GloryTM” the statement alone generates more possibilities for expanded  consciousness and awareness in your Life.
Facebook: @LelaThomasCACF
Facebook: @ShiftingMolecules
WhatsApp+ (62) 821-4636-5355
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