Shifting Molecules

LelaAn Adventure in Consciousness with Lela

A New Awareness about Chaos & Order
At the recent 5 Day Facilitator class and Advanced Body class, in Costa Rica, Gary and Dain brought in the awareness of how it is actually Chaos that creates and Order that destroys possibilities.
Chaos and Consciousness create!

What do you think about chaos? I have so misidentified and misapplied Chaos! I always thought chaos was me messing up! Chaos was too many loose ends and procrastination! And, chaos was drama and trauma. What if Chaos is none of that? What if Chaos is a space of total Creativity? I also misapplied and misidentified Order! I though that was when everything is finished! I realized to have order I have to keep judging everything I do! Do you do that too? How much energy do you waste starting over, and how many times do you stop because you have judged everything you are doing or being? Even when you feel accomplished all the juice goes out of life, have you ever noticed how bored you are when all your ducks are in a row. What if order is a dead zone where nothing is created?

I love this statement for Gary Douglas, “We cannot change the stupids, and we can be the chaos that will mess with their order.” I look at what is happening on the planet and it appears there is a lot of stupidity taking place with the choices we are making with the Earth, the animals, our bodies, our governments….so the possibility of instilling chaos in the all the systems appeals to me. Since everything is energy, Instilling chaos is not done from a place of blame or trying to ‘fix it’, whatever ‘It’ is. Could Chaos and Consciousness be the two sides of the same coin? Toss it in the air and receive the ease of Shifting Molecules for change!

Are you Curious yet about the Chaos and Order? Check out the classes listed for October, November and December. Come play with Chaos and Order! What else is possible?

So I am back! REALLY! New Zealand, Bali, Costa Rica, Indiana and DC it seems like years have passed, and lifetimes floated by. Life is so amazing and Bodies are even more amazing!

All the order I was trying to institute into to my life to make space for creativity, was stopping me from creating even a newsletter! What else is possible?

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