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Balinese Balians

Balians are traditional Balinese healers. If you read the book or saw the movie, “Eat Pray Love”, you will remember Ketut Liyer, a well known balian in Ubud. There are many balians you can visit in the Ubud vicinity, but as they are considered in the same category as a priest or priestess, it is important you come well prepared. Learn about  Balian Etiquette and read what well known author, Cat Wheeler has to say about visiting a Balian, Balian Article

Ozone Therapy

For a detailed, scientific analysis of ozone, read The Story of Ozone by Dr. Saul Pressman, DCh, LTOH.

QXCI / EPFX – Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface – The Ultimate Technology in Balancing Energy

This Mathematical, Sacred Geometry, Biofeedback System raises Your Energetic Vibration and disperses the blockages in the flow of your Life Force Energy. More and more the research of Quantum physicists report that there is no separation between objects at the quantum level beyond time and space.   Read More: QXCI/EPFX – Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface

The Brain

With a new understanding of the brain we can see that it can work much more holistically if it is encouraged to do so. That means that we activate and use both sides of the brain to look at the source of the trauma without conjuring up all the painful memories or digging deeply into the body with our hands. This is where art comes in. To create art we need both sides of the brain, and simply drawing with crayons helps activate the brain’s holistic capacities. Using art we can also bypass our dependency on words, opening new ways to look at ourselves.  Learn more about this intriguing and effective therapy with Taksu Healing Haven Practitioner, Bob Supernant:

For more interesting reading about the brain, read Bob’s Thoughts about the Brain; Some Thoughts About the Mind Part One and Some Thoughts About the Mind Part Two     Or for proper brain functioning, learn more about intestinal bacteria: Microbe Mania

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