Health & Nutrition with Dr. Yulli Agnes

A wellness and health advocate, Dr. Yulli finished medical school in 2000, and worked in an international medical assistance company in Bali for ten years, covering emergency, travel medicine & medical evacuation. She earned her Masters degree in Anti-Aging & Prevention Medicine in 2009, and has since specialized in wellness & diseases prevention.

Dr. Yulli is now available for consultations and treatments at Taksu. “A truly satisfying life is a life lived in balance” is her philosophy and she offers assistance in sleep management, nutrition and diet, hormonal balancing (female and male), detoxification and stress management. After consultation, Dr. Yulli may supply nutraceuticals, natural sleep aids, or adaptogenic supplements. Hormonal supplements may also be provided. Alternatively, she may outline a holistic solution to pre-empting your body’s stress triggers and outline an ongoing treatment plan.

Dr. Yulli welcomes your enquiries about colon detox, intestinal cleansing, heavy metal detox, kidney detox, gallbladder flush, liver detox, or blood cleansing.
For more information or to make an appointment, please visit Dr. Yulli’s website (link below), where you can find her email address and phone number.
Appointments will be held in the comfort and serenity of Taksu’s dedicated healing rooms.
Ph: +6281223332359

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