Advanced How to Become Money Workbook by Gary Douglas

Are You Looking for Dynamic Change in Your Money Flows in 2018?
Join the Advanced How to Become Money Class

Author Gary Douglas

1:30-3:00 pm ~ Taksu Garden, Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Is it time to out create the lies of limitations? One Month of Potent Tools, Choose Now! Jump In, Create the Change You Have Been Asking For!

These 9 classes, 2 X’s a week and 1.5 hours each, are a deep dive into Consciousness tools for destroying and uncreating the lies of this reality around money!

No Pre-requisites
Enroll at www.AccessConsciousness. com/LelaThomas

Pay Fee at Taksu Spa IDR 2,565,000 (includes the 10% Indo tax)
Purchase the Book or Kindle:
What would it take to double/quadruple your income in 2018?
WooooooHoooooo!  Let’s do this!!
Space Reserved for 6 people.  Enroll Now.

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