Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift® Class

Oooooo so relaxing for your whole body. Energetic Facelift is safe for everyone, of all ages, and works in harmony with any procedure. The Eergetic Facelift body process is more than removing wrinkles. It lifts and tones the internal body as well. With the megatons of clearings you leave full of space for YOU the BEing!

Would this be a fun share with a group of friends, celebrating everyone’s agelessness!? They say 20 sessions will make the changes permanent.
What could be better than that?!
I provide tables and snacks! And 10% discount in the restaurant.
You receive a new you, manual, certificate and skills to provide private sessions!
How does it get even better than that?

Rp 4,950,000 INCLUDES tax

Choose an 8 hour Certificate Class OR The Private Session ~ 90 minutes
Please check our Event Calendar for the date and time.

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